A silver Byzantine chain

…. and I’m blowing the cobwebs off my National Trust card.  I think I’ll visit  Falkland Palace this afternoon.  I heard a radio programme that said the Man in Black himself,  Johnny Cash, had a strong connection with Falkland.  Wonder if he had a scone in Kynd Kittock’s Kitchen.  I’ll need to get some more repairs done before setting off this afternoon.  It’s like a jewellery hospital here.

for special suppers

I have a silver bracelet to repair for a work colleague, but I need a blast of caffeine to get me off the sofa.  But if I can’t get off my behind to make the coffee, how am I going get the caffeine hit?  Spot the Catch-22 here? 

There was yet another new set of traffic lights on the road into work this morning – that makes 3 in three weeks, two sets of  roadworks and one  new pelican crossing.  I think the cooncil are doing it for a laugh.  Why would anyone want to cross the road?  One side of the town is just as bad as the other.  All it does is hold up us workers.

There was a polis van outside some houses close to the school and there was one policeman with a helmet and face guard and a BIG AXE.  Another had a balaclava covering his face (except for his eyes, of course, otherwise he would just have had his balaclava on back to front) and there was a third one, who wasn’t obviously scary, he was just undercover scary.  Had it not been for the aforementioned extra traffic lights making me nearly late, I would have stopped and gawped.

Here is a list of half done things currently  in my life:

Half a blanket

Two half done silver and gold bracelets for my daughters

Half a tapestry to make a firescreen

Half a hat!

A wee bit of a emboidered panel I’m working on with my friend

Half read ‘The Alchemist’s Door’ by Lisa Goldstein

Half read ‘Steamed’ by Katie MacAlister

My hair is halfway to  horrible because I need to visit the hairdresser…

But I’ve started blogging, tweeting and webbing(?) all on one day, so everything’s alright, then, isn’t it?